simple ?

we are women .
a forgotten species buried under gravel of music videos & the 50's .
torn between alter egos 'as seen on tv' .
tucked in the crevices of our insecurities .

we are women
who wear chameleon masks, changing our spirits to blend into men's expectations .
we slip into our brilliance, then into our ditsy damsel . pretend to like sports, pretend to cook, & whatever else we read in Cosmo - anything to please the penis i suppose .
we'll let them black&blue-face us . a minstrel show for these millennium ma`ssuhs .

we are women .
told to be a lady, then persecuted with double sided standards .
told to be a "freak", then branded with scarlet letters & facebook statuses .
told to reach for the stars ...but not that one, it's too high -of a salary .

stupid women .
so transparent and flimsy . isn't it ironic that you're so ready to sell your soul to be what men want ... & most of the time, guys dont even know what that is ?

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