mack'n & hang'n .

Part 1

this is a poem for the people who could crack open their chests and have emotions spill onto their shoes . these shoes- that have walked miles & miles in the land of contemplation and self-exploration .
this is a poem for the people who find a bite size piece of themselves ...while they're in the shower . wipe on the epiphanies . wash off the negativity . this is a neon poem that draws in the misfits, torn down, pessimists, heartbroken, & hell-of-life-crushed hearts . this poem transforms & massages the soul .
this is a poem for the girl who wants to smack her feelings over the head with an oversized frying pan . -better yet, she'd pour them into the skillet & let them burn to a crisp .
this poem sings like a choir .
this poem kisses on necks & ears .
this is a poem for the men who know what they're doing . -a poem that wants to explain, but won't .
this is a rough, abusive poem , filled to its lips with frustration and unspoken words .
this is a poem for the boys with regrets . unadulterated, raw, 'don't try this at home' regrets that cannot be hindered by the typical "i don't believe in regrets" socially-correct statement .
an outlandish poem that looks into the sky & cries to God for guidance .
this poem grins ... HARD , for no reason .
this poem will only make breakfast foods & tacos .
this is a bestfriend poem .
this is a lover's quarrel poem .
this poem wakes you out of your sleep with new ideas about life .
this poem is "the girl who got away" .
this poem is a tattoo that you plan to get covered .
this poem is a sea of grins, in a pool of frowns .

this is a poem that plans to work overtime until the world smiles one-unexpected-time .

inspired by oveous maximus .


  1. Nice inspiration,wonerful arrangement of veiws,ur every post just making me go crazy!!!!! M writing a diary of my fav. Posts from u!!! U r just phenomenon! Hugs.....

    Ur writings are so wonderful to read,just wanna offer u my friendship,it will b my pleasure to keep u as my friend!

  2. thanks so much for the love (: