patience payroll .

high off of life .
equipped with a knife ,
& i just cut through my stagnation, pain & strife .

tasting the sun, sucking on wind , sipping on the moon .
floating up with passion like it's a helium balloon .
singing my song - an often 'misconstrued' tune .

you say i'm your trashed-treasure, a satin soft D R E AM ;
everything that glitters isnt gold - but some is exactly what it seems .

there's a lot left to give , lucky man .
i'm back from hiatus, welcome to your promise land
you begged for me to " see the light" ... welp , now i CAN ♥ .

thank you


  1. Miss. ViVi,

    There is a totally awsome ADVENTURE AWARD waiting for you on my blog!! I absolutly love following you and reading all about your adventures!

    letters2anex.blogspot.com to claim the award!

    *this is not a promotion or advertisement...there is truely an award that awaits you*

  2. aww thank you so much ! that was so sweet :)
    your blog is awesome as well ...keep posting !