cutting corners .

i told you this weeks ago .
when tears ran down my face like they raced for first place .
many, many weeks ago i told you that things were swept under our heavy, embroidered rug .
-the rug that mom bought ...when i was with her . when she said, "that's perfect ."
i tried to tell you weeks ago .
you said it was fine . but fine isn't strong .
now your voice is banging against walls & doors & lamps & shades & him .
im only an innocent bylistener, but guilty by association i presume .
every issue you neglected is throwing a temper tantrum in what was once my havana .
but i tried to tell you weeks ago .

mm ,
if a tree falls in the middle of the forest & no one is around to hear it ... does it make a sound ?

i guess not .

signed, a tree .

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