mangled melodies .

prelude :

Shihan (the fellow below this post) said something that i can connect with, "my feelings are all cliche" . i'm so mad that i can relate to that because it's something that i have an immense fear of; having emotions just like every movie, song, slogan, poem & thought already expressed before me . we go through hard times in life and it's hard to express at times . writing isn't about finding something new to say (at least not for me); it's about expression and connection . if i say anything that you can connect with or feel, then mission accomplished .


"i just wanna love somebody, like forreal . & it's like a constant thing on my mind because of my mom ... because of the fact that she's such a great woman and i don't think she was ever loved properly ." - aubrey 'drake' graham ♥

love is a hot commodity- no matter who you are : African American, cuban, caucasian, professional, athlete, artist, gangbanger . we are only concoctions of our experiences . drake wants to love someone because he plans to show men how it's done . he saw his mother's broken love life ... so he wants to make some 'great' woman happy . me ? i want to love someone because i have seen it's capabilities . i watched my mother and father nourish each other with the love they gave . i watched my friend nikkiey light up and smile when her husband walked into church yesterday ... i felt warmth inside like bed comforters- fresh out of the dryer . i watched my grandparents call each other 'baby' yesterday & after 51 years of marriage ... i can say i have faith in love . [and even though my papa refers to sex as 'popping toes', i take his devotion to my grandma seriously lol] . i have faith in love .

BUT, if there's anything i have learned it's this : [ONE] this is a new day in age & relationships aren't the same anymore . technology, media & mindsets are changing faster than ever . lasting love is a miracle all in itself, it takes complete & utter faith in God . with that said & with that faith ...i still believe its possible . [TWO] i have learned patience . peace of mind comes when you know how to take your time . all great things are worth waiting for & sometimes great things simply don't work because of timing . either way, when the time is right ... things will fall into place (: