eyelashes & prizes .

a keepsake for my exhausted friends .

you thought you would only love as much as comfort would permit .
as if adoration in full bloom could be equated with twisted lungs and slingshotting intestines . you were right , but you threw dice -
love requires a HEAVY gamble, synonymous with:
strapping 8 pounds to your body for nine months OR carrying a wooden cross & hiking up hills towards utter demise .

you had no clue, did you ?
that love can blend to hate like echos of thunderous sound .

2 gallons of passionate-premarital sex, mix a pint of resentment, a sticky stick of honey kisses, a cup of dishonesty, tablespoon of diaphragm laughs, a pinch of verbal abuse, and a dash of immaturity . boil & you will see the fine lines rise to the surface like buttered up Pillsbury biscuits .

there are pieces of gold lining . buy one storm, get two sunny days for free . you can watch the light seep through your window-paned situation, splashing a melody of color into your life'sfoggy haze . love is a marathon, not a sprint . the paining is only the training ... hold on until you win .


  1. "...buttered up Pillsbury biscuits" take that huge written out imagery thing.lol Keep it up stevi =)