keep hope alive !


"Ush" , (i hope you don't mind if i call you that) i know that you shimmied cracks into an exquisite vase . no, not her, the relationship . but that was years ago ... when white, net beanies & dancing silhouettes were all of that and lays potato chips . you cheated on a woman so hot that they had to name her chilli . you piled bricks onto a cotton ball love . you made millions off of a 'tell-all' album & blew up in fame while your life blew up in flames . -what a shame .

Chilli , you were fresh out of your divorce . those two, Texas cities left charred ,barbecue marks on your heart . you still had the faint smell of heartbreak in your clothes like bonfire smoke . then here comes this boy ... eight years younger, but whose gaps filled with eagerness, passion, and hope in love . he cheated - life shut down, and you now have a reality show where you can show the world your tattooed trust issues . lovely

to the readers- i watched "behind the music: usher raymond" & they interviewed both chilli & usher . they simply weren't ready for each other at the time ! but they still love each other lmfbo .... watch it . i wanna write them & tell em how dumb they are . maybe i should start a chili&ush fan club ! we'll get t-shirts ...aaha WHO'S WITH ME ?!


  1. feed her "love" or feed her nothing at all!! I respect it, I was just going to call you a nerd and dip, but I watched his behind the music and they could comeback. [once she leaves them damn white men alone]

  2. "anonymous" (smirk) - "if the black is actin' wack, make it right & go white" - president barack obama . lol

    bbreezy - lol . it jst hit me (jst right now)that i cant force them to get back together =( sucks ...