random thought .

i have been thinking .
the human body is really an amazing design .
our nerve system , cells , digestion, and reproductive process ... REMARKABLE .

-The average human heart will beat 3,000 million times in its lifetime and pump 48 million gallons of blood.
-It takes the interaction of 72 different muscles to produce human speech.
-The average surface of the human intestine is 656 square feet (200 m).

why do we treat such a beautiful vessel like garbage ? we burn our insides, we clog up our pipes, and we infect ourselves with disease (sexual and food related) . even though our bodies are interesting things, they are also houses made of cards . the wrong outer intrusion can make everything fall apart . anyone who knows me well enough knows that i am a glutton (haha) . i love food and i usually don't care what kind it is . i eat candy, chips, cookies, pies, pizza, hot dogs, fried chicken, tacos (with extra oil in the pan), or anything else with extra seasoning & sugar . well today that ENDS - im monitoring what goes into my body ... in all regards .

i challenge you to do the same (:

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  1. Challenge me, hmmmmm...... ok so what do you want me to give up?? Cause im already a vegetarian.