cain & abel

karma .
a manmade construction of what we expect the 'earth' to do when things are out of 'balance' .
karma .
a scare tactic composed by society to make us do right ...because we will inherit wrong . [as if doing right is not enough incentive in itself] .
karma , real karma -
society's way of hoping that people 'get what they deserve' :

this past week , i have found out some things that i probably shouldn't of heard . when i told my friend, she said, "that's what 'so-and-so' gets . karma is a b*tch . " my stomach turned . i don't like karma . i think it's quite pathetic because it causes us to wait around for negativity to strike the people that "wronged us" or the people who are out in the world living wrong . believing in karma makes us into ugly people ... sitting around and hoping for someone else's unhappiness . i DO believe that my God is a just and righteous God . i also believe that seeds that are planted in foul soil will only reap foul flowers . Nevertheless, i try to wish people the best . i try to hope that people can learn from mistakes as opposed to being hurt in the long run .

it takes A LOT not to put your energy into karma & vindictiveness . just remember, it's more beneficial to focus on your own happiness than another person's anguish . just something to think about ?

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