signed, may 2008 .

do heathens and heaven ever meet at juxtaposed crossroads ?
should his horns cut me like this ? passionately, like a feign .
causing my heart to race & pace - as they run across my wrists .
oppressed by his lies, they suppress my revolutionary fists .

ripped from the girl i used to be, introduced to the new me .
but the latter classic still puts in work;
slaving over this barren land we call 'us' . pulling heavy bricks & sinking sand .
mixing the cement like a savage that's hidden within me .
trying to guard myself before you set it FREE.

my wings are pierced and now i bleed you .
i cant fly alone now;
i hate how we're here, but love how you need me -
two handicapped doves that want to fly free ...
you became the air that pushes my arms up & away,
but the same gust that weakened me & led me astray .

- written my senior year of high school . my first sign that writing was made for me .


  1. Hey this is a nice piece of writing again,and its realy realy good to see u bak to post,last day i was feelin lyk dyin coz i didnt read a single post of urs,thnx for coming back so soon! Reading Ur writings r a part of my daily routine nw,i feel somthing missing if i dont do if! Thnx a lot stevi!

  2. oh how sweet :)
    thank you so much for all of the love