work suit ;

i just realized today that i am ... BOSSY .
not in the cute five year old, pouty lip way .
not in the sultry, sexy, kelis kind of way .

Bossy in the...
need to be in control of the situation cause i know i will do it right .
always wanting to be the leader cause i know how it should be done .
stressed cause the pressure is on me .
stressed because i put the pressure on myself .
bossy in the ...
friends rolling their eyes at me in the car [when i tell everyone what time we have to leave the party] kind of way .
demasculine men of all minds and land type of way .

bossy in the ...
i want the best for my friends and i love them kind of way .
bossy in a ...
motherly care kind of way .
bossy in a ...
mastered the art of advising my friends on their issues by simply giving them a look .
bossy in a ...
speak up for others who are defenseless .
bossy in a ...
moral, principled kind of way :)

yea, im a boss .

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