fall all over me .

leaves dip themselves in reds and oranges and yellows .
mellow winds twist and tip over my shoulders and face .

grace lifts from the ground in what we like to call autumn .
bottom to top, subdued in the air and smells .

tell me that you love me in the fall ? those words will be frozen by winter .

the summer heat of passionate love we felt was cooled off by fall's breeze .

when i say frozen, maybe i meant preserved .
when i say cooled, perhaps i should say made sensible ?

who knows . fall is an indifferent season . not cold enough to cuddle in fires with loved ones . not hot enough to bare skin in a hedonistic way . its a minimalistic , fine line of what we want to do ... and what we simply can .

an ode to fall . the misunderstood season of lovers .

song to vibe to: india.arie- the truth

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