till' facebook do us part .

people are not meant to fall in love in the 21st century . or are they ?
technologocical advances and fixation on networking have brought the ideas of "fidelity", "trust", "selflessness" and "honesty" to an abrupt stop .

myspace .
because of a profile to "sell yourself" as much as possible, we have become obsessed with ourselves ...and even more terrifying, obsessed with our facade . we worry constantly about how we look in our pictures (photoshopping & editing until we dont recognize ourselves) . we put the most exciting photos of our lives to pretend as if we have one . background pics of gucci and g-shocks to make people think we can afford it . obsessed with ourselves, and no one else . excuse me, we check out other people's pages to see how we can "fit in" . this "all about me" mentality makes it almost impossible to care about anyone else .

facebook .
once upon a time, we used to meet people ...in person ? a glance across the room, a flirty smile, and a witty pick-up line created love to last a life time . people still meet face-to-face and fall for each other ...but the difference is that he goes home and meets 100 more women on networking sites who all send flirty emails and wall posts . the difference is, she's on her iphone and there are five new messages from guys who claim they can treat her "better than her boyfriend" . there has always been cheating in american society, but now ... it's way more convenient .

maybe, just maybe they wont cheat on each other because of unfaithfulness ...but here comes the wammy . this generation has to have the lowest self-esteem . so many online adds about breast enhancement and music videos and models and celebrities . in the same breath, ill connect the idea that the "hey boy, i miss you" and "how you doin beautiful" wall posts can drive a boyfriend or girlfriend insane . insecurities, worries, jealousy, and lack of trust (for fear of being hurt) all fall into the same pot of adversity .

what's even scarier is the fact that those wall posts arent even amunition enough to confront your boyfriend/girlfriend about . ANYONE can post on your wall, anyone can say "they miss you" or "you looked great lastnight" or tag your sweetie in a note about "the one that got away" lol . you can never really know, and that drives people insane .

...texts, aims, video chats, emails, picture messages ? [i know someone who was caught cheating using all of these devices]

can love exist and grow in this generation ? think about it .


  1. *clap clap* So, very true.
    And to answer your question (if I may), I believe love can exist in this generation but...the growing part is where it all goes down hill for me. It can and is meant to exist but, these social networking obstacles just really put relationships and whatnot to the test. The ultimate test. Not all love is tainted by technology but, yeah...for the most part, it is.

    Great post. It was a nicee read. :)

  2. nooo thanks for the input ! i love getting responses :)

    and thanks .