the counter =X

sooooooo, my boyfriend asked me if i can see how many people check out my blog . i told him that i didnt want to know because i would probably feel pressured to produce some type of "greatness" . Nevertheless, that curiousity killed this cat ...it haunted me lol . sooooo, i got a "counter" .

i just wanna say a huge "THANKSSSSSSSSS !" to everyone that checks out my blog . i really appreciate it & dont be shy about feedback, good or bad ...its all interesting to me :)

all my love,


  1. Stevi D I love your blog. Now I am not a die hard reader but I do check in regularly. I think mostly because up until now you were kind of a mystery to me. I never really knew your thoughts and values until now. and now that I do...i feel a little better about calling stevi my friend...if that makes any sense at all lol. anyways you're a great writer and please dont stop. I'm trying to get mine up and running again and when i do... please read :)

  2. lol thanks lissa :)it makes complete sense to me and i wish you wouldve "solved the puzzle sooner" since ive known you since i was 8 lmbo . but better late than never :) love you and ill be sure to check on your blog too