below the surface

she swung her hot pink acrylic nails across your face .
she is rolling her neck intensively and calling you a plethora of "n*gga" , "bastard" , etc .
she proceeds to tell you that youre a "poor excuse for a man" , "f&*% you", a "b*tch a** n*gga" or any other phrase that needs numerous letter fillers .
now, she is throwing things ...excuse me ... [your things] against the wall and all you can hear is shattering .
youre ipod is cracked against the wall . earphones too .
your watch is s a i l i n g out the window .
your clothes are being soaked in bleach .
she is now holding a brick in one hand & a key in the other ... anticipating the damage that she will do to your shiny, black impala downstairs in the parking lot .

you cheated, yes . but did she have to do all of this ?

so, you take your hand ...make it as heavy as possible , and swing the backside across her cheek .
she is on her knees in the middle of the condo , holding her face & staring at you like a monster .
you call her out of her name and tell her to get the hell out your apartment . police run upstairs because of the commotion . they take both of YOU in handcuffs .

she was mad, yes . but did she deserve that ?

domestic violence happens all the time . no woman deserves to be hit across
the face or hurt in anyway . In the same breath, i'd like to say that some of
these situations can be avoided by better communication skills within the
demographic of african american men and women . Black men and women are very
passionate people . in your face . full of energy . strong-willed . determined .
and we have plenty of attitude . these are good characteristics, but too much of
anything is NOT good . we learn how to interact with one another in a respectful
way without having to always "get even" .

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