simple .

im just a girl .

a girl who likes the feel of thick books in her palms .
liberating that the inner most thoughts of a "certain someone" is in her posession .
holding on hand under and one on top ... thanking God for "text" .

a girl who loves food .
the sound our mouths make when we chew steak . the circular movement of the lips to tear at the meat .the juice , the "mmm" feeling of A1 sauce on the inside of our left cheek .

a girl who couldnt live without music .
simply unexplainable .

a girl who has unrelented hope in love .
a hug to relieve adversity . a public display of affection . a heartfelt secret . the feeling that she'll do anything to make the other person happy .

im just a girl .

a girl who knows more than she should .
she's seen some things . she's felt some things . most importantly, she understands change . who's "sexy" today, is "old news" the next . some people who are here today, can be gone tomorrow . interests change . mentalities change . things change .

im just a girl . a woman on a good day

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