airplain people .

what is it about airplanes ?
why do people hate to fly so much ?
is it because of the cramped spaces ? is it the bad food ?

OR is it the lack of control ?

i think what people hate the most about airplanes is the fact that they have to be in a confined space with unfamiliar people . they are dropped into a plane and out of their comfort zone . If it was up to the people on the plane, they would be surrounded by people who are just like them ...looks, interests, beliefs, stories . However, that's the beauty of the airline .

an old man with gray hair sits next to you reading Malcolm X. A white, middle-aged lady sits a couple rows over ...holding a picture of her son in a navy suit , serving his country. a red-head baby screaming . A Syrian lady bobbing her head with earphones on full blast . An Equadorian boy watching "White Oleander" on his laptop ...intent . A teenage girl in an Abercrombie sweatshirt reading gossip magazines . Two sisters laughing heavily as they eat their complementary pretzels . A college student reading a novel in her boyfriend's sweatshirt, dozing off and smiling ...

airplanes are the blank canvas that is mixed with all shades and colors of cultures . embrace it :)

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