the anti-social social networks


scratching , fiening for a little red box in the right bottom corner of my screen . update , update , update . "new wall post" "someone tagged you in a photo" "new invite" the little "one" in the inbox ribbon above the feeds . i wanted it all . "@reneexcellence" , trending topics about nothingness , twitpics that patronize other people . the networking poison -_-

I decided to give up facebook and twitter for one week to focus more on God. After one week, i realized how fixated i am on these networking sites and how much of a distraction it can be at times . Even more so, i am aware of how these updates are affecting my psychological health . all i ever read is about "#3thingsaftersex" or negativity or people declaring what they hate about people ... or people trying to convince the world that they are secure with themselves . blah blah blah .

people dont understand how NEW technology is . The first portable cell phone was made in 1973 ... and it probably wasnt accessible to the public until years later. Hell, people were still sporting pagers until about the 90's. Similarily, the world wide web wasnt even created and distributed until the late 80's . WE HAVE NO IDEA how this stuff will affect us in the long run . making our relationships and social skills dependant on technology and internet is changing our psyche in ways that we cant even imagine . mark my words .

Of course technology is needed to get things done at a faster rate for business . but why do we depend so heavily on gizmos and gadgets to help us build relationships with friends, family, and significant others. Are we that busy, that shy, that cowardly, that anti-social that we cant talk to these people face-to-face for a personable experience ? hmm .

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  1. another great post Stevi, i wrote a poem about this a little while ago, it's a very true point we are the guinea pigs for technology right now, and we might be damaging ourselves...