the show .

welcome to the family :
my grandma's sister doin the "dougie" at the wedding reception .
playing dance dance revolution in my cousin's room with my auntie .
my uncle's plate of food stacked high as the ceiling .
my grandparents- telling stories about how they fell in love . chicago . mississippi . georgia .
my cousins ...all gazillion of us , talking all at once , creating ourselves by the conversation .
the elders who get to eat first & remind us all the time why they can :)
the infants . the ones who are just arriving . blessed to be entered into a great clan .
my aunt, who asks, "where's the nearest casino?" .
the cousin who always brings his newest girlfriend .
my aunts who laugh & whisper in the corner about her ?
my brother ...the silent strength who watches and smirks warmly at the chaos we are .
the men : uncles, husbands, dad's, and brothers who sit outside and watch the game on the TV , filling up the air with their deep voices .
"the hole" , this is where it takes place ...where the kids play in the yard. where we live !
the henessy & eggnog . the naughty jokes & all the other things that we arent "meant to hear" .
the prayer . the praise . the thankfulness in our union as a family .

those silences .
when the room remembers my mom's wide smile or terren's
light-hearted laugh .

loud, silent, crazy, tamed, rude & polite, in
your face, fun , protective, sincere, and real ...
we're family .

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