pear-shaped .

here it is .

it's not much , but what's left ... is for you .
i wish i could have saved more , preserved more for you .
sometimes i regret not keeping it in better condition for you ... you deserve that at least .

cracked, bruised & wrung out like a wash cloth . hung out to dry like last season's "black" .
it may be out of date to some people, but you see the vintage beauty in it .
all of the gaps are filled with your comfort , thank you .
all of the pains are caressed by your kisses , thank you .
the iceburn was never there, thanks to you .

i tied ribbon around it , tried to distract your eyes from glazing over it's ugly war scars .
i dusted it off , i hoped you would think it presentable enough .
i gift-wrapped it in your favorite football teams wrapping paper, even thought they suck .

my heart .

in a line up of so many healthy, fresh, beautiful hearts ...you chose mine .
my... last one picked in the dodgeball game - heart .
my... one left for dead- heart .
my... so heavy from all the things experienced-heart .
but nevertheless, you picked it up , despite the crane needed to lift it .

you take better care of my heart than i ever could .
so here it is .
meek, mild, and calm .
gracious, kind, and healed .
it may be worn down, but when it comes to you ... loyal would be an understatement .

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