windows .

there's something you need to understand .

eyes truely are the window to the soul .
some windows need wiping to see more clearly .
some glass shows our reflection and we need to get over ourselves .
yes, it can be hard to see at times .
but nevertheless ... eyes are windows .

my eyes .
the retina is broken .
i can barely see what use to be light .

your eyes .
your choroid is strong enough for both ....
willing to absorb the light that i cannot .

my eyes .
small little windows,
too small even for alice after the "drink me" .

your eyes .
windows big & grand .
bare, bright and vulnerable ...

if you were ever given the chance ...
you would see my determination , my ambition, my strength . you would see the weight of my chest when i held a grown man's head in comfort . you can see conversations ive had to bring friends out of life or death . you can see the care for the people i love . the primal beast that's willing to protect them . you would see my ingredients .

when i look in yours ...
i see the thirst to be something great . i see the yearning to take care of the ones you love, but have something for yourself . i see sunflower fields . i see a protective power . i see mahogany . passion . a strive for security . i can see the weight of the world on your shoulders . i see your pinch of that, half a cup of this .

song : N.E.R.D - window

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