wax .

its me against this elephant ... in the room , every room it seems .
if i had a nickle for everytime i heard a girl call another girl "ugly" or talk about their outfit , i'd have enough money to fly away from this nonsense . there is no way that i will be able to tackle ALL the defects in a so-called "sisterhood" , but i might as well try . This is not , i repeat this is NOT about spelmanites . This is a piece about womanhood .

the first question i would ask myself is, "What makes me so self-conscious about myself that i feel validated by tearing down other girls?"
As horrible as it sounds , calling someone else's outfit UGLY does make women feel better .
We wake up in the morning and we feel GROSS & it feels good to know that someone else is worse off than you .
We dont like what we see in the mirror & we want to make others feel as bad as we do .
let me clarify: that is [p a t h e t i c] to say the least .

if you base your worth on your hair, clothes, or materialistic things ... the person that you talk about is automatically better off than you . the fact that your happiness is based on negativity ...is a huge problem . a sick problem . now, envy is natural and sometimes you want what other girls have . nevertheless, you should be PROUD of what you do have and embrace it . its ungrateful to only want what you cant have . to some people, being a loud mouth, raunchy girl is funny . ha , but a lot of people cant see through that and laugh at you .

but trust , there are people who pray for you and your insecurities . there are people who see through it and want you do ascend your jealousy & thirst for attention . As far as Spelman is concerned, i love my school . At the same time, i have seen some serious coonery and self-hatred among my "sisters" . i hope people get it together, we're too old for this . sleeping with people's boyfriends to validate your confidence . snickering and laughing at girls in the cafeteria to feel better . bumping into people "purposely" at parties .

im sorry . i didnt know i had to repeat the fourth grade ?

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