the hoax from heaven .

Well i just wanna thank you God , you chose me .
you blessed me enough to take residency with an angel .
i wonder if she kept her angel wings in that drawer that i could never reach as a kid .
ohhh, that locked chest by the bed was the hiding place for her halo and wings? i had no idea .

How did she know what i was thinking when i came home?
she asked, "what happened at school today? anything interesting?" with a face brushed of sincerity .
What did she sprinkle into my face at night that gave me the courage to be me at all times ?
So, her smiles were "miniature blessings?"
i didnt know why i felt so warm and safe, but God ...that makes perfect sense .

so God ...all of those nights watching tv and shopping and cooking in the kitchen ... she was an angel then too ? Even when she yelled at me for bringing home two C's on my progress report in 8th grade ? definitely then .

God, where did she keep the "hold the family together" glue ? or the "brighten up the room when i walk in" potion ? Do angels only get those ?

Well either way, you guys did a great job fooling me . I thought she was just an incredible mom .
Who would have known she was an angel all along ?

happy birthday mom . i love and miss you .

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