a stomach churn .

She looked in the mirror and hiked up her fire red skirt, "nope, a bit higher" she thought . it reminded her of last weekend with Donnie in his mustang . she smiled . she turned back to her reflection and painted on her red lips . it was truly a mastered skill, these lips ...it was all in the wrist . she tugged down on her blouse to show more cleavage (her new push-up bra wouldnt go to waste) . she reflected on her matching, lace bra and panties ...they were going to impress someone tonight . Mike always grinned when she undressed . who would she meet tonight ?

She walked into the party and there he was . in the corner . Music swarming their bodies in the hot room, beating her thighs with conviction . What did the song say ? She could only catch every other word or so .. "beat it up" ... "patron" ... "my bed", her favorite kind . they danced . his lips in her neck , his hands on the front of her hips, sliding up her skirt . he moved too fast, but then again ... he was fine . eyes that moved slowly over her face like syrup . lips licked after every smile . she was in a trance . she swayed her hips as a slip of permission .

"whats your name?" she screamed over the music . he smiled as if she already knew, "Satan" he said whispered, "and yours?" she told him . "lets get out of here," she said as she took his hand .
- - - - - - - -

whats wrong ? whats with the face ?
oh what ? because she hooked up with satan ?
psh . we all dance with the devil . open your eyes .
whenever we displease God, satan is right there holding our hand . smiling :)


  1. HOLY MOLY! this the greatest blog everrrr! nuff said.