melting mirrors .

mirror, mirror on the wall ... screw you .

your glass that slices the soul like ice cold box-cutters .
girls sheild their face from you to hide from the pain, the hurt, the disgust that looks back at them .
girls shield their mind from the torment that is ... mirrors .

mirrors , mirrors ...where for art thou compassion ?

your levi's and fitted caps .
you crotch-holdin, fresh line-up havin' soul sucker .
your lies . your manipulation . your cheating . your ruthlessness ;
you make a girl look at you and see dehumanization .
you make a girl cringe at her reflection .

mirror mirror , what i wouldnt do to destroy you ?

billboards promoting perfect , cutting the confidence of millions of girls .
music media murdering all of the effort that mom put in saying, "youre beautiful" .
reflecting inperfection with logos and love .
hoodrat glass, scraping against confidence until it bleeds .

please remove the mirrors from my sisters .
cast all mirrors on me !
i'll take all the lashes and beating for them .
i love them with all of me and i can take whatever those mirrors dish out .
servings of discontentment, worthlessness, & deteriating heart ... ill consume it .

please remove the mirrors from my sisters .
cast all mirrors on me !
let them see how beautiful they are .
let them see how brilliant they are and their self-worth .
give them peace of spirit .

turn all mirrors in my direction .
you have made me in your image and ill take the spear in my side for my sisters .
arms outstreched and head held high for my sisters .
please Lord, can we melt the mirrors ?

dedicated to everygirl who has ever felt unworthy of love .

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