"we're all scared .
if youre not scared, youre not paying attention.

people die .

people are living with cancer , wondering if they will see their kids' graduation .
wondering if they'll ever fall in love .

people are fighting for our country , waving to their brothers on web cams ... asking themselves if this is the last time .

someone is in the hospital watching their baby turn blue ...stomach churning with anguish .

someone is sleeping with a knife under the pillow, holding on to the hope that their dad doesnt beat their mom tonight .

someone has all the odds against them, praying not to feel a lump in their breasts . crying at the thought of chemotherapy treatments ...

someone will walk out of the house and die in a car crash, someone will lose their memory, someone will have to move away, things have to c h a n g e .

but to be scared of love ...
"that is weak ."

tell someone you love them because tomorrow is never promised .