swaying with honesty ;

pine trees and cinnamon .
she never knew what scent honesty could produce, but now she was enlightened.
she looked into the sky to see the sun, peeking its nose above the horizon to smell the pine trees and cinnamon .
it seemed as if the sun procrastinated its timely sleep into the other side of the world .

when she was tired of the lies and moral decay of the world ,
she ran into her emotional forrest . pushing through brances and hopping over thick tree stumps, she heaved and ran toward her familiar smell .

all she wanted was honesty . she found it here in the green landscape that God himself had in mind for perfection . these tall green giants sprinkled their thin needle-like leaves on her until she could see nothing more than joy . there was nothing artificial about it .

all the manipulation and deceit was pushed into the soil by these strong, nature creatures that breathed in unison with the breeze . they swayed and she breathed, taking in this addictive scent of green and sweet... this scent of real . who knew she would find her honesty in him ? who knew he would be her pine and cinnamon ? ....

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