father nature

God molded the clay and when he finished you, he shed a tear of happiness .
he scraped the leftovers out of his nails and put them aside as seeds for your offspring .
He tilted and examined his work, "perfect" he said with a gleaming smile .

the smell of clear, still water in your embrace can be smelled from the tallest hills .
i guess youre a drop of trust into a puddle of foundation ;
the ripples run over the face of our serene beginning .

twisting hands up the waist until the mental branches smack them away .
twisting twigs into a frenzy of passionate play ;
one branch, two branch, three branch, four .

sun dyed eyes with those wrinkles at the meeting .
eyes only bright with the touch of tickled laughter .
sand-like indents in any place that we inhabit for more than ten minutes .

faith wide and tall like the rocky's .
rocky, hard distain at the adversity ahead .
green fields with dandelions danty and dry ... shaking .

father nature .

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