lock me up & hide the key

insanity(n.) - doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result .

my mind dances around the thought of you everyday .
same routine . same extention of limbs . same stretching of torso . everyday .
heavy breathing . leaps of faith . swaying of hips . tapping feet on today's hope of you .
i imagine being near you , so close that i can hear the flapping of your eyelashes . everyday .

my heart is typing on my mental keyboard; the keys are infiltrating my inner most thoughts .
click . embrace this feeling .
clack . too soon for comfort .
click . love is the untamed feline of the emotional world .
clack . then shoot the dart already .

phone rings . heart drop .
s m i l e .
click the green button . & go

who said insanity was a bad thing ?
ill happily embrace the same variables of my day if the result is still being with you .