doves over jasmine .

lastnight ... spelmanite jasmine lynn was shot and killed .

is it just me, or is it absolutely ridiculous that someone comes to college only to be a victim of senseless violence and ignorance ? i pray for her family . i cant imagine what it must feel like to bury a child . to receive that phonecall ...to have expectations for a young girl and have them come to an end.

parents are going crazy . calling the school outraged, threatening to pull their kids out, and asking their kids to stay on campus . some might say that "people can get shot anywhere", however, students should never be shot on their campus . Jasmine Lynn should have been able to hang out with her friends. i dont know if the lack of security is because they were too busy freestyling rap bars with each other? i dont know if it was because they were trying to get at the students again? maybe security was just socializing amongst one another like they always do? i dont know, and maybe im wrong for saying this ... but somebody has to speak their mind .

nevertheless, what happened lastnight ...shouldnt of happened. i am praying for the family, friends, and soul of jasmine lynn . she seemed to be a positive presence and a fun girl . rest in peace spelman sister .

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