message in a bottle

i often get looks of confusion and frustration .
especially from other girls .
i guess its because i come off as arrogant .

let me clarify :

i dont need to meet everybody and be seen at every "function" .
i dont need attention .
i am not a typical "nice" person . those people get ran over .

i dont care about the politics of school .
i dont care about a popularity contest .
i am not a highkey person .
id prefer to keep my name out of other people's mouths .
[however, if i am ... not a big deal . i'll lose absolutely no sleep]

i dont care who the "cool girls" are .
i dont care how much money you have .
i dont know who's sleeping with her , and if i hear ...ill probably forget in 20 minutes .
i dont care if boys think im "baddd", cause i'll easily be replaced next semester .
i dont sleep around & if you do, thats your business .

[^] all that stuff is highschool . all that stuff can miss me .

i love God . [and proud of it]
i love my family .
i love my friends .

i am about expression and living life with a purpose .
i write .
i am about my studies, and enjoying the college experience :)
i have a "manfriend" . and the dumb stuff is beneath him as well lol

i am reserved because i like to observe .
i laugh at stupid girls, its more of a reflex than anything . my bad lol

[but then i pray for them and ask God to forgive me]

i laugh , hard .
i speak my mind & i love people with common sense (its a rare trait) .
i enjoy life & sweep all of the complicated stuff under the carpet .

i'm me . and ill only change if God sees fit for me to do so :)

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