simplified .

just reserve three minutes for the thought of me .

any minute L E S S would cause my memory injustice & enslave us in a steel-barred Guantanamo Bay . i'd simply be a pretty, pretentious SOUL staining your perception of me . throw out your heaviest net to catch the things that eagerly try to slip away . smoke and mirrors make it hard for you to see, but just reserve three minutes for the thought of me .

paint my eyes in your mind for just three minutes & i'll make it worth your while .

any minute more would increase it's value & be too expensive for you to invest in . i just want to pour my SMIRK into the nights you hold my hand ...balancing my life lines . i dressed my eyes up in bows, lace & diamonds to distract from the worry that sleeps behind my gaze - but your smile could wipe clean any defenses .

forget the drama . forget the inhibitions . forget our pasts :
just dwell on me for three minutes & make it last .

sidebar: life is too short to say & do what always makes sense . don't you agree ?


  1. hey this is really good stevi! very impressive...i had no clue u could write like this.