shifting windows .

I'm just opening my vents & spilling out my thoughts tonight :

one of my bestfriends is in the hospital with sickle cell . this circumstance is simply not fair & i don't understand it; but at the same time her strength inspires me more than she knows . however- I'm thinking that she should know & i should tell her because she seems so defeated at times - maybe knowing that she's my cape-less hero will be some motivation to hold on to ? her adversity also puts the idea of perspective in a whole other realm to me . to see life from her eyes would be completely different from mine . they say that everyone knows how to handle grief except he who has one . interesting .

then ...
i talked to my friends today about relationships . they both said that when they look back on their relationships, they realized that they weren't "in love" like they originally thought . but i realized something . being in love means something different to everyone . people like to address love in cliches like, "you only have one true love" or "love is blind" ... because it's easy . those cliches attempt to simplify something that is too complex to abbreviate with catchy phrases . love is complicated, but it's hardly subtle . i guess being in love is BIG , so big that it cant be mistaken when it truly comes ? ionno . clearly, only time can reveal what was real . when my friends took time apart from their situations, they realized the difference between loving someone and being in love . if anyone has the answers to suffering & love ...please enlighten me lol .

BTW, watch "our family wedding" & "get him to the greek" ...two movies i saw today that are worth watching :]

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