to the lovely girl who sends me things ...

i have no blood, nor mud on my palms .
just the fingerprints of lovers once had .
so don't worry your head, please remain calm ;
it's amusing actually ... my mere presence makes you mad .

i guess i haunt your cerebral wall
as thick and dense as willow trees .
i haven't said a word, but my shadow is tall -
blocking the truth beyond what you'll see .

you're so busy guarding your triflin' dog from me,
while your manging mutt is contracting flees .
i'd advise you to raise your self esteem
instead of investing your sights and concerns on `vi .

stop stalking my life , shades & a hood .
listen pumpkin, i don't want your man .
why would i want damaged goods ?
i do what i want ; you're simply doing what you can .

i bet he's telling you it's me . i don't put it past a lame;
but i sympathize - so gullible . you won't let him go astray .
but your focus is misguided and I'm not the one to blame
don't mind me none, I'm just the girl who got away ...