W E I G H T .

we wake up in the morning & kiss the sun hello ;
we brush our teeth, wash our faces & strap on our mountains .
yes, on our shoulders we carry hills and mounds of pressure .
heavy, hefty heaves & sighs that linger in the footsteps we leave behind .
we carry our worries in water jugs full of dimes, coins & unpaid utility bills .
everyday .
we stack piles of past pain & shame - shuffling our feet forward .

but once and a while ...

we tip over,
the pounds of expectations, humiliation & devastation make us fall .
shadows of insecurities shake us over until we smash into the pavement .
so tired of "staying strong"
so exhausted of holding on to cold, steel hope .
tired of believing that happy endings reciprocate "good behavior"

yes, sometimes we tip over .

we all fall short . but if we're gunna fall, we might as well tumble and roll toward the direction of persistence .


  1. This was really well written =)

  2. this is after reading this i pointed out things to do for everybody around me,i came to knw this really happens....well written!!!