my two week "truman" show .

i spent two weeks, everyday, documenting what i learned each day . lessons, truths, and thoughts that can still be disputed in my library of wisdom ... enjoy :

8.02.2010 - "success is the execution of the fundamentals ."
what fundamentals ? how can people be so sure that their fundamentals are correct ? make sure that your fundamentals are in line with your values .

08.03.2010 - "you can't put anything past anyone ."
dont be bitter about this fact . just remember that people are only flesh . don't always think someone is being 'fake' on purpose . some people have worn their masks for so long that they forgot they were on .

08.04.2010 - "it is a rare state-of-being to actually know what you want ."

08.05.2010 - "good can come from anything ."
at worst, perseverance, strength, & character can be pulled from a hard situation .

08.06.2010 - "it is literally you & God from this point on ... DO FOR YOURSELF NOW !"

08.07.2010 - "boys are distractions ."
there's a hole in everyone that is meant to be filled in by "the one" . the phrase "you complete me" is popular for a reason . nevertheless, boyfriends are like organs donors ... we insert what they are willing to give into our empty space & hope for the best ; either they help us or they're fatal . im not willing to deal with that bacterial infection right now ...

08.08.2010 - "meet people . it might come in handy ."

08.09.2010 - "never underestimate the love & companionship of family ."

08.10.2010 - "never be too anxious to jump into things ..."
people are really good at blowing smoke about what they have . NOTHING is ever exactly what is seems .

08.11.2010 - "keep your good friends ."
it's important not to have lazy friends ...cause when you're in a bind, they wont work to help you out . [if you dont understand now, one day you will]

08.12.2010 - "give a boy an inch, he'll take a mile ."
i heard a rumor about me ... an outlandish rumor lol . never let those things make you sweat , you dont have to answer to anyone but God .

08.13.2010 - "find someone who not only makes you laugh, but makes you happy ..."

08.14.2010 - "he may not answer when you call, but he's always on time !"


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the nwe layout!! and I thank you for being inspiration. Was wondering if I could borrow this lovely idea? *ill be sure to give you a shout out when I document on my blog* (if its ok with you, dear)

    have a lovely week!

  2. thanks so much for the love :)
    & goooo for it !

    you have a good one too ...

  3. this is nice...a new invention...hihihihihhi

    m gonna follow this too!!