sighin' & waitin' .


this is a poem for the wandering, drowning souls .
tip-toeing through puddles of circumstance and sinking in unexpectedly .
this is a poem filled and overflowing with hope .
hope: something that slaps you across the face & then kisses the bruises -
a poem stuffed with outreached hands, strong hugs, and kisses to the forehead .
this is a poem that loves the idea of faith - something so intangible & yet so valuable .
this poem is loud & sheds tears of champagne ... celebrating another breath .
a POEM that doesn't have the funds for next semester ... so it might stay home .
this poem cries at the thought - OVER&OVER&OVER;
a black & dark poem .
a schizophrenic poem .
this is a poem painted red with passion . - spray painted with gold sparkles ;
this poem is a sugary sweet, 3 page text in the middle of the night .
this is a lullaby poem ... a transition into calm - in the midst of chaos .


  1. this is a hit!!!! incredible work

  2. thank you about what?? did i say so??

  3. lol @why thank you

    This is Beautiful Vivi