understand me :

forgive me.

perhaps my mind is different- but i have come to the conclusion that life is so much bigger than me and you . i cant focus on the drama of 'He said & She said..." . I wont dwell on things that went wrong . I cant worry about competing with other women . i cannot give energy to the love of money & 'fitting in' ... all of those things are perishable and a complete waste of time . it's so self-centered, trivial and distracting .

the media spends so much time constructing your ideas of "desire" and manipulating your idea of who you want to be . they make you believe that their product is all about you ... that it's about bettering you ! they want youuu to have better hair, cooler clothes, smoother legs, less wrinkles, faster legs, better intimacy in bed, more expensive cars, eating healthier, have bigger boobs, and better experiences . in all actuality, it's about buying their CEO's new beach home in Fiji and buying their brand new rolex . it's so easy to fall into that trap ... trust me, i fall victim to it all the time (but im working on it lol) .

All we do is become narcissistic ; honestly, what good ever came from that ? you always here, ""all that matters is what's on the inside" and we roll our eyes in unison . yet, on a romantic level - who wants a relationship with a man who's caught up in "f*ck b*tches, get money" & the next 'function' for the weekend ? who wants relationships that are based more on the perception of having a girlfriend than a connection ? who wants a girl who spends more time in the mirror than she spends time getting to know you ? i simply need more . & im seeing the world in a bigger scope ...

people living in poverty across the globe, but more rich in character and generosity than anyone in the U.S. People that can honestly boast that they are who they are because of their foundation (and not because of what their friends will think) . in different parts of the world, men want women for more than sex . out in other countries, people aren't worried about getting tinted windows put on their impalas & being "the baddest b*tch" . in other places, their are people who are so spiritual that they can feel the tears of God ...

i guess ... things are changing .


  1. I wish I could like this like you do on facebook. It's so true its scary.
    I love reading you posts!


  2. thanks so much ! im happy you can feel it :]

    and ill be sure to check your blog out

  3. i understand how you feel about "those people" but i disagree with your comment about "people in other countries". i live in korea, and i lived in india, and the men are the same. many of them still treat women as sex objects and judge based on appearance. women all over the world spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to get attention from men. and yes, even across the world from america, girls are always seen in high heels, fake eyelashes, guys with their tinted windows and fake designer purses.

    so i guess what i am saying is that i too was searching for something different, but i travelled far and wide and still find the same thing. BUT everywhere I go, I also find some cool, spiritual and intelligent big mind people. I hope you can find them too!

  4. i LOVE this perspective :)
    thanks so much for commenting . i hope i can too lol