balancing on the tightrope

To my consistent readers, casual browsers, and first time onlookers, “my apologies”. I have picked up two new interests/projects and it is ... time consuming. I realized today that I have resorted to twitter rants to satisfy my thirst for writing and expression. Yes, it is a sad, sad day for Stevi (lol). So, I am back and so glad that my thoughts will not be confined to 140 characters!

There is something that has been burning in my mind and heart for a few days now. Oddly enough, it started when I saw that Evelyn Lozada and Chad “Ochocinco” finally tied the knot. I know this is strange (especially because VH1 has me on edge these days). However, it hit me that we (society) spend an immense amount of energy and time worrying about people who could care less about us. Sure, Evelyn cares if the viewers watch. However, at the end of the day –regardless of the scrutiny, criticism, and twitter bashing- she is going to do what makes her content and happy.

Our obsession with fame, however, has grown into an ugly beast. Our narcissism and perverse peeping tom lifestyles have turned into a cancerous, viral virus.  The last straw for me was this news about Frank Ocean. Of course, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. However, why do we have to be entitled to our opinion so rudely, and at someone else’s expense? The slanderous, vile, hurtful things that people said were out of line. It made my stomach churn. It made me realize that society does not take human life seriously anymore. Frank opened up in a way that was very honest, vulnerable, and courageous. The soul and mind are delicate things and society often times fails to see the reality in celebrity. Can you imagine getting slurs, hate, and criticism from millions of people...all of the time? My friend Kamilah said something like, "social networks have developed a world of critics, not creators." Twitter has given everyone a voice. People get overwhelmed and arrogant. I wish people understood that their tongues can heal, not always harm.

I’m disappointed, to say the least.

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