Bring Her Home to Mommy ..

[Yesterday, a friend of mine was schooling me on his Grocery Store Women Scouting Technique, "If she's buying frozen dinners, it's either for her boyfriend at home or she doesn't cook. Either way, I ain't interested." In between the laughs he asked where he could go to meet "nice girls". He suggested that I blog about it. First off, let me say that there is no fool-proof place to find the woman of your dreams. Hell, there are psychopaths leading the church's children's choir. The key, however, to finding a "worthy" companion is understanding yourself! Here are two tips to narrow down your search & spare yourself months of head-scratching confusion]:

1. Interests, Interests, Interests!
Use your interests as a compass to guide your dating pursuits. Do activities that are interest specific. If you like certain musical artists then you should attend those concerts (chances are, someone there will like the same ones). If you're passionate about animals, for example, shelters are a cool place to meet people. Art exhibits, comedy clubs, sporting events, beaches, beer festivals, cooking classes and even professional-based mixers are great meeting places. Be careful not to mix business with pleasure, but there is a chance that your business schedules and ambitions will sync up (depending on the career/passion).

**sidenote: i do not encourage clubs as a place to meet women. do not get me wrong, i attend parties and clubs from time to time. however, the mixture of loud music, excessive alcohol and skimpy clothes can send the wrong message. I do, however, suggest "kickbacks" [(n.) a gathering amongst friends in a house with slight music and mutual friends]. When surveying a kickback, you can see who is social, obnoxious, insane or sweet. Also, there are usually mutual friends in the facinity - making it easy to be introduced.

2. Decide what personal qualities you look for in your dream girl.
Most people say that finding a woman in the church is cliche. However, it is cliche for a reason. If you want a woman who takes her faith seriously, you should go to that place of worship to meet her. If she forgot her bible (or uses a bible app lol), let her share your tangible one. Ask her if she's a church member. What better place to find a woman than a building devoted to moral and spiritual strength.

Perhaps you like generous, selfless women. Volunteering programs and philanthropic-based activities are a great place to get involved and meet people at the same time. She may have a passion for teaching middle-aged immigrants or building homes for disaster-stricken communities. She may want to donate 65 cents a day to African kids...who knows lol. Let the qualities you want ... guide you to the places you go...

-- They key is to be genuine in your pursuits. Do not go to a Barnes and Noble if you hate reading books. Do not go to a senior citizens home if old people "creep you out". Some guys get caught up in "types"- they want the artsy type, the GLAMbot, the book worm- and are let down if they have nothing in common when the infatuation dimmers away. Follow your true interests and principles in order to find your "good girl". Bring her home to momma!


  1. Well thought out, well written. defining a kickback, hilarious lol.