We Can Handle the Truth.

Dear Men,

I know you probably envision women to be a species drowning in tears and cliché, emotional phrases like, “Do you really love me?” I get it; truly I do. However, there are just some things that you all do not understand about women. Contrary to popular belief, some women CAN handle the truth. So many times I hear you say that you lied to “spare a woman’s feelings”. You lie about who you were with, why you did what you did, or what you’ve done in the past.

Women want the truth.  At least, wise women want the truth. That’s the thing. If your woman cannot tolerate a man’s honesty, she’s not ready to be in a relationship. In due time, however, she’ll learn that she wants to trust that the words that escape your mouth are from an honest place. Please do not misunderstand. Telling the truth does not mean that everything will work out in your favor. If you tell a girl that you cheated on her, it does not mean that she will jump into your arms and forget. After all, your initial act of cheating was dishonest.  However, she will not feel like she’s been robbed of her right mind.

There are some hard truths out there that men avoid telling women:
1.     I’m only interested in sex, not a relationship
2.     I do not see you as “girlfriend” potential
3.     I cheated
4.     I cheated in past relationships
5.     Pretty much anything that causes them discomfort or inconvenience.

We do not expect you to be perfect. We expect you to be human and the first step toward proving your sense of humanity … is displaying your integrity and dignity. The first step is proving that you even have a heart. you shouldn't have to con yourself into a woman's good graces. Lying is not only an offense to the lady, but it's a disservice to yourself. That's just something to think about... 

All My Love,

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