What Women Want.

[Of course the women have to speak their minds. Like the men, these women come from all over the country - California, Washington D.C., Florida and beyond. Similarly, their interests vary from medical school pursuits and PR to Television and Psychology. I asked them what they wanted from a man and subsequently, their romantic relationships. Here are their responses:]

Kourtnie, 22: "Lets be real, what women want from men is infinite. I can go down my fairy tale list of my superman....i want him to be genuine, funny, faithful, supportive, emotional, loving, strong willed, give me good sex (-; ... You get the point. But if I were to chose ONNNNE single thing that I NEEDED from a guy that goes beyond the typical yet essential wants... I would say I truly need a guy who I can grow with. If he can help make me be a better woman, he's a keeper."

Taylor, 21: "I want a guy who appreciates me. I want a guy who is honest about what he wants. I want a guy who does nice things for me just because it's Tuesday.I also want a guy to be respectful. If he knows we talk he won't flirt with my friends ...it's disrespectful."

Kendall, 22: "I think guys forget the little things that count. Like telling her she is beautiful when she think she don't look like shit at that moment. Or dates! No matter how long you've been in a relationship. Take her on a damn date sometimes. Do for her what she does for you sometimes, stereotypical gender roles need not apply.

Every woman wants a man who is comfortable with himself, jealousy isn't a good look. Love and friendship should be the glue to the relationship. Avoid the unnecessary drama. In all, women want a MAN."

Haniyyah, 20: "What i want in a man is consistency, in a nutshell. lol I need a man who understands that what it took to get me is exactly what it takes to keep me. Consistency to me shows that the person is willing to put in the work to show that you are important to them. Consistency is key fellas!! :)"

Karen, 22: "I'd like a friend first, if we can't get along as friends we definitely can't be lovers. I'm a playful person, so he would have to be able to handle that and come back at me. He needs to be funny, not corny. Corny does not work for me, we'd never clique. Confidence is important to me, low self-esteem is a no go in a man. He needs to be sure of himself and stand his ground when need be. I certainly don't want a lap dog. I'm not even gonna go as far as saying that "looks don't matter" because to a certain extent, they do. I need to be attracted to my man. He should have goals he's working towards, not dreams he's sleeping on. He has to be intelligent. I want us to be able to learn from one another. He has to have good morals and should be able to adapt to different situations. I 'd like to be able to bring him around friends and family without having to second guess anything. He must be loyal and should be emotionally supportive. It would be ideal for him to share the same musical taste as I. Oh look! A unicorn..."

Lakin, 20: "In a mate, I appreciate an individual who is ambitious and passionate about cultivating their craft or pursuing their ultimate goal in life. I love a guy who is intellectual, into the arts, socially conscious and firm in his beliefs yet flexible and always seeking to learn new things. I’m a dreamer and I love for my significant other and I to fuel and believe in each other’s dreams. Along with someone who is selfless, compassionate and understanding, I want a guy to be fun and of course know how to adore me!" 

Vivian, 22: "Younger me would have said, 'he has to be FINE' but as I get older, I realize looks aren't everything. I find someone's personality can make an 'okay looking man' look better than the next. So with that being said, I look for a man with a five star personality. I also want a manly man who can also tap into his sensitive side at moments. He also has to have goals and aspirations. My ideal partner has to be "on my level" mentally and spiritually and if not, he has to be better so that he can push and motivate me to be better."

Lea, 22: "Boys. This topic comes up way more often than I’d like to admit; but since this has turned into what seems like a free dating ad service, I will happily oblige.
I am not sure if there’s such a thing as a PERFECT match, but there are indeed traits that I look for in a guy. Humor and positive energy is the first thing that captures my attention. If a guy can make me laugh (I mean a genuine, down to the stomach laugh) and has a warm vibe, I will remember them forever! I look for a guy that I can laugh at stupid Family Guy like scenarios with and switch over to debate about social/political issues.  That being said, I like a guy who is cultured, active, open to new experiences/adventures, yet is easy going and humble. I find this combo hard to come by. But I digress...  
Other than knee slapping jokes and cultured conversations, I look for guys who have a relationship with God and who are reliable/trustworthy. Other than that, I just need for a guy who accepts my dorkiness and love of animals/nature!" 
-- author's response:

Stevi, 22: "I have to be honest and say that I ultimately want the supernatural- a love that transcends the constant, trivial life surrounding me. I think we all look for something so eternal and so raw that all of our layers simply “peel off.” women look for honesty, appreciation and respect from men. A man who is not only honest with us about the beautiful truths, but also the sticky, complicated, ugly ones as well. A man who is honest about his faults, his fears, and his feelings for us. We need someone we can trust, but someone who trusts us as well. Personally, I need someone with tough skin. I need to know that I can depend on him to hold me down ... not only during the "sunny days", but the hard ones too. All of these things cannot be expected unless a man learns to get close to God. That's honestly the glue in any relationship. Look, women are strong creatures. Our hearts are usually heavy and we’d love to let men carry them for us … if they were not so constantly clumsy. I need something exceptional. I only get one life to live and I wouldn't dare waste it on a choux pastry romance.

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  1. Of course I want to feel safe and protected by my man, who is going to protect me when boogey man attacks me? :D He really need to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world :D And that he allows me do my own thing and I allow him to do whatever he is doing ... It's all about respect, I believe. Follow this link to know why.