transparency versus transparency.

i am a firm believer that there are only two types people in the world: 
the transparent and the transparent.
you know, life is truly about perspective. personally, i have a discernment for people's character and i am very big on picking up energy. some people are transparent by default. they try their best to layer themselves in trivial things. nevertheless, they have tenebrous insides that exude negativity - low self esteem, skeletons, anger, envy and resentment. Consequently, those inner aspects are pushed to the surface only to be poorly hidden. these transparent people think that twitter personas, clothing labels, inclusion with certain people and catty remarks will block the world out.
unfortunately, these people are the easiest to read. i have to admit, it can be extremely uncomfortable to see someone for who they are when they have no clue themselves. embarrassment is scribbled across their face in what seems like permanent red ink. concern for other's approval leaves them naked and shaking ...leaves me feeling like i'm the only person in the room with see-through sunglasses.
on the inverse side of things, you have the transparent person. every once and a while when the moon turns black and unicorns are eating cotton candy bushes on your front lawn, you meet these people. you meet transparent people who CHOOSE to be transparent. i love these people. their triumphs, their pain, and beliefs are not smudged in ambiguously painted proclamations. they are secure in themselves. so secure, in fact, that they simply put their cards on the table and let you decipher who they are. they do not care how they are perceived, they'll lose no sleep over it.
these transparent people are the reincarnation of eve and adam anterior to fruit juice dripping down chins. the "i know that i know nothing" species, so secure in mind and spirit. this is not to say that these transparent people meditate in trees and seclude themselves from the world. on the contrary, they know how to maneuver in society while simultaneously maintaining their identity.
ultimately, my friends, you WILL BE SEEN THROUGH. it is up to you to claim your transparency or put up a fight. if you choose the latter, my prophesy predicts that you will probably lose the battle.

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