the cuffing commandments.

 rule #203: There is a rumor that Spelman girls came for their "MRS" instead of their "BA". That is not entirely false. i was kind of surprised to hear a story about a senior at Spelman who said that she wanted to be a housewife when she graduated. Listen, i must admit that i identify as a feminist. That term, however, is a very fluid one. unlike most girls, i do not label domestication to be a "horrid" thing. Nothing is demeaning about wanting to devote your life to being a nurturing mother and wife. I think it would be extremely condescending to throw salt on stay-at-home mothers when black women come from a long history of strong, resilient, domestic labor. I am, however, concerned that women are educated and aware that they have a choice in occupation. i want them to understand that what they choose to do is completely up to them. HOWEVER, why she would let her parents spend roughly $120,000 on a degree is beyond me. she could've easily hit up Devry and chilled on the same career concept. just saying (shrug).

while there are some girls who virtually stalk men as potential bread-winners, all women do not think this way. i have met numerous women who say they cannot even see themselves being married. Some cannot stomach the concept of a relationship right now- in the midst of trying to get into law school, find a job, or keep their head above water. While many people see their senior year as the last hope or opportunity to find a life partner, some loathe the idea. It's important to realize that both demographics are out there. There are even a few rare cases who are open to the possibility but know that is something not to be concerned over. they could kind of care less because they accept it to be an organic process (ahem, ahem). ultimately, we need to understand that everyone's priorities are not necessarily in line with the masses.

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