the bullies on capitol hill

if you haven't heard about the Troy Davis case, then you're living under a rock. Twitter and other social networks are buzzing about the wrongful, scheduled execution of Davis. It's important for us to have a sense of humanity and compassion towards this man. It's important for us to make an uproar about injustice when we see it.

Davis was accused of killing an off duty police officer in Savannah, Georgia. He has been on death row for numerous years now and is said to be killed next week. However, seven of the nine witnesses have recanted their statements. They claim the police manipulated and forced them to make claims against Davis. If that is not horrifying enough, there is no substantial physical evidence to link Davis to the crime.

we have to take some sort of action. every time we turn a head to inhumane treatment, a piece of our integrity dies. tweet #iamtroydavis, make a facebook status, write a blog post, tell a friend, call courtrooms and news stations. ultimately, say a prayer. Only God can save us from such a corrupt system. To learn more about the outstanding minority death penalty statistics, check this out:

troy davis and minority death row statistics

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