10 reasons why angels exist.

1. Her presence brought warmth to the chilliest of rooms & her smile brightened up the darkest days.
2. In high school ... she was on the yearbook staff, BSU, cheerleading squad, homecoming queen, broke track records, and never mentioned it until i found out.
3. My mother dressed up for Halloween and danced with me in her bedroom.
4. She taught me that i am special & the exception to any rule at any time i choose to be.
5. She is a second generation "love at first sighter", knowing instantly that my father was 'the one'.
6. after the chemotherapy, nausea, hair loss & fatigue ..."tears do not compromise my strength," was all she had to say on the matter.
7. she waited. too.
8. when i was seven, she said she was both my mother & my sister- making our bond stronger.
9. She let God pour out of her pores and seep into me.
10. She left her legacy ingrained and entangled within me.

September 27th marks the fifth year anniversary of my mother's passing. There are no words to articulate the feeling of that day or it's repercussions in my life. I was sixteen, but i am impressed with my mother for creating such faithful, patient children. Dallas and I are faithful that our mother is in the presence of God and patient-knowing that we will see her again. I am convinced that i was birthed from an Angel and that we tumbled down from the sky with humble ambitions on earth. God created perfection and let her stray as long as he could stand it. Rest in Peace, Stephanie Renee Darden.

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