wanted: some justice, for once.

 I do not say this lightly. I am ashamed to be an American tonight. It would only be fitting for us to bury our heads underneath the dirt to hide from our disgraceful actions. Tonight, i dont claim America. I do not feel like my demographic is appreciated or relevant because of these ... legalized lynchings. What kind of logic is it to kill someone as a demonstration that killing is wrong? I think it's so ironic that Americans constantly 'imperialize' countries to "civilize" them and yet we participate in the most horrific and barbaric practices.
 As i sat at the protest today, i could only imagine my little brother, Dallas. My brother is a brilliant mind with one of the kindest hearts i have ever seen, reminiscent of my mother. However, to a racist police officer he is TROY DAVIS. In front of a jury with an orange jumpsuit, he is TROY DAVIS. my father is troy. my uncles are troy. my cousins are troy. All i could do was cry and pray.

I am really proud of my Spelhouse and Howard counterparts for their protests today. We come from a past of sit-ins, bus boycotts, jailhouse protests, marches, and activism. Our ancestors hail from the antebellum south and the progressive north and they would be proud of us today. We have many advantages that our ancestors did not: we have a way to reach the masses with a click of a button. we have some people in higher places. we have some of the most innovative and interesting minds that our race has ever seen. Inversely, we have to remember this:

THE REASON THE GOVERNMENT FEELS LIKE THEIR ACTIONS ARE OKAY IS BECAUSE THEY THINK WE WILL "GET OVER IT". we are the generation of newsfeeds and tweets. consequently, we lack compassion. I beg of you, before you tweet about worldstarhiphop tomorrow, employ your peers to remember TROY DAVIS. do not brush this off as another injustice. we need to revamp our HBCUs into the pro-active powerhouses that they always were.

Ultimately, i'm praying for Troy Davis' family and friends during this time. I wish them the utmost peace and comfort from God. Davis was going through this nonsense for decades. He finally deserved to be free. He was released today and i am sure that he is in the presence of God. So, i ask my generation:

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