the cuffing commandments.

rule 12: You need to understand what kind of dater you are. Maintaining a relationship is like raising an infant. Depending on the timing, variables, and temperament, a relationship can grow into a mature, loving, sturdy man or an emotionally stunted, selfish, jealous, insecure boy. Know who you are and where you are. If you are an easily jealous or influenced person then perhaps a relationship on your college campus is not the best idea. Some campuses are huge and no one even knows your name, let alone who you're dating. However, if you live in the Atlanta University Center, you will learn very quickly that it’s this small (I snapped my finger in thin air, by the way). People will be intrusive. People will gossip about you. If you’re lucky, you may find your initials capitalized in 20 questions …who knows?

If you decide to become an “item” in the AUC, I would suggest the Beyonce and Jay approach. That is: keep your business to yourself because people will kill to see you fall.  Men and women, if you have one ounce of decency within, do not cheat. dirt will ALWAYS rise to the surface. DIRT WILL ALWAYS RISE TO THE SURFACE. Dirt. Will. Always. Rise. To. The. Surface. Your significant other will be flabbergasted to know that …well…roughly 5,000 people know their business. It will be spread around the AUC like an STD in a whore house. Besides, I honestly think that we are too old to be so concerned with other people's perception of us. Between twitter, facebook, and tumblr, people reveal their claws. Take your time finding someone that you can trust and when you decide that you can ... TRUST.

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