the cuffing commandments .

As September tip-toes to a close, many people are becoming restless with all of the new and refreshed faces on campus. Numerous twitter accounts and facebook statuses have thrown the "C" word into the air and it deserves annual addressing. yes, ladies and gentlemen, cuffing season has descended upon us. Now, i promise i'm no expert and maybe it's the "know-it-all" that roars within me. Nevertheless, i'll break down a few rules and pointers this week:
rule #67: Freshman, do not listen to anything that anyone has to say about your relationship decisions. I have heard some of the most ignorant, shallow, and mundane comments being shot out of people's mouths like cannonballs. "Don't do long distance, it won't work", "Don't get in a relationship, you're going to find so many other girls/guys out there", "Spelman girls are dateable, those girls are not." "Morehouse guys...." Look, while i agree that you should enjoy your single, college career to the absolute fullest, i know people who maintained long distance relationships for all four years. I know couples who have dated since freshman year and still remain very happy today. My point is, no person is the same. There is no dating manual that applies to all people. You need to find what works best for you and then believe in your intuition. Date around, hop into a relationship, do what you want and follow your instincts. Oh. But ladies ... don't sleep around. the AUC is small and it is almost impossible to get dirt stains out of a clean reputation. [something to think about]

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