puzzle peace.

"because trumpets & 808s are making love in my head."
i guess that's what i wanted to say when he told me i was, 'different from other girls'.
but i didn't. i suppose there was a fine line between sultry and insane.
and that's when it hit me:
i did a disservice to myself by suppressing my "odd".

when norah jones asked for the cool to be removed, i'm pretty sure she simultaneously asked that we layered in our odd.
-because it's chilly out there.
and the world's cruel cold is not for the faint of character.
for every suppressed word, a dream is swept under heavy rugs made of velvet and shame.
for every suppressed move, a kiss chokes and dies in fields of tall sunflowers ... unable to be heard.
for every suppressed desire, a soulmate loses the limbs capable of love.

and if i denied who i was, i would rid myself of

a guy who will sing erykah & cook with me.
someone to teach me how to blow hookah O's, whistle, and cartwheel ...
a man who's amused by my imagination .
a beach buddy.
a guy who's GROUNDED.
someone made of moral fiber & compassionate cloth. 
a humor chemist, boiling & brewing contractions in my tummy that birth laughter.
a guy who doesn't squirm when i pray over my food ...
someone who teaches me.
a healer.
an artist. -whatever that means.
a protector.
a makemepauseandthink-er ?
a seaman-
willing to dive into the deepest corners of my soul & drown if it meant reaching understanding.
a man that lives in between the eyelashes of God - so close that he'd cultivate my spirit in growth.
but for now, the first step is staying true to my puzzle piece. 

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